The Websites that comprise Universe M
    Metropolis, the first inhabitant in Universe M.  This website is dedicated to one of the best Science Fiction films of all time, Metropolis.  It has many images and information concerning Metropolis as interpreted in various media.  There is also music on the site that gives you the sense of mood in the film.
    One unique feature to the site is the Futura page.  On it you get to guess who is guest starring as Futura, the villainous robot from the film.
Rome's Emerald Universe
    Rome's Emerald Universe.  This website is dedicated to my favorite comic book super hero, Green Lantern, and the entire Green Lantern mythos.  There are numerous G.L. related images to be found here as well as G.L. inspired artwork.
    One of the unique features of this site is the villains page.  There are several links that transport you into other hidden sites, related to Green Lantern.
Emor's Obsidian Universe
    Emor's Obsidian Universe, a parody of my Green Lantern website.  This site focuses primarily on the arch-enemies of the Green Lantern Corps, the Qwardians.  This site has many of the same features as Rome's Emerald Universe, but in a twisted view.
Captain Canuck:  An American's Tribute
    Captain Canuck:  An American's Tribute, my homage to a great Canadian super hero.  Captain Canuck was a great written and wonderfully drawn work of art.  Created by Richard Comely and Ron Leishman, Captain Canuck stood for everything wholesome and good.
    E-Man.  This website plays homage to Nicola Cuti's and Joe Staton's comic creation, E-Man.  E-Man first came to life in the early 70's when the title was published by Charlton Comics.  E-Man is both well drawn and funny.  A must see.
Fritz the Nite-Owl
    Fritz the Nite-Owl.  This man is the ultimate in "cool".  He is the best movie host I have ever seen.  He is also an expert on Jazz.  He hosts Nite-Owl Jazz which airs in the Columbus/Central Ohio area on WJZA 103.5 and WJZK 104.3, Saturday and Sunday nights, 9pm-12am.  He is the best D.J. you will ever hear. 
    The Barium Effect, a website based partially on my occupation of Radiologic Technologist.  This site contains images using Radiologic Technology, both medically and as an art form. 
The Barium Effect
    Footman, Fritz Peerenboom's and Bill Hamilton's cynical answer to the smiley face.  Footman was a brilliant and funny commentary on the pop culture of the 70s.  Check it out and remember..........
Want to learn more about Fritz the Nite Owl, or another Horror Host Extraordinaire?  Check out E-Gor's Chamber of TV Horror Hosts!
The Marvel Family Web
Check out Walt Grogan's Marvel Family Web.  This site has EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about the true Captain Marvel!
Laura Theodore
Laura Theodore, an extraordinary singer with a four octive range.  One of the best jazz vocalists out there.
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Bizarrome's Yellow Lantern World!
    The strangest addition to the universe is Bizarrome's Yellow Lantern World.  On this site learn about the Bizarro World's answer to Green Lantern.
The Crime Syndicate of America!
    The newest addition to Universe M, the Crime Syndicate of America.  A site dedicated the pre-Crisis Earth-3's answer to the Justice League of America.