They were the most powerful beings on their world......
On Earth 3, the only individuals to receive super-human powers, were villains.  On our world, we had the Justice League of America to protect us; on Earth 3, we would have the Crime Syndicate of America to menace us.
Ultraman, the CSA's leader, who gains a new power with each new exposure to Kryptonite.
Superwoman, beautiful but deadly, Amazon warrior.  Her lariat can become anything she can imagine to help conquer her foes.
Owlman, the groups enigmatic chief strategist.  Owlman appears to have mysterious mental powers causing his opponents to make mistakes so as to give Owlman the advantage.
Power Ring, possessor of a mystical ring of almost limitless power.  His ring is limited only by his force of will.  The ring was given to him by the mad monk Volthoom.
Johnny Quick, speed demon of the C.S.A.  The source of his powers are unknown, however there has been speculation about his unique helmet.
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