"The cynic's answer to the smiley face!"
    The above Footman poster was created by Fritz (The Nite Owl) Peerenboom and Bill Hamilton back in 1972.  It was their cynical response to the Smiley Face that was so trendy and popular in the 70s.  The Smiley Face appeared on ties, boxer shorts, mugs, t-shirts, etc. 
    Fritz and Bill were working at WBNS-AM/FM at the time of Footman's inception.  They created several designs as their personal memo system. 
The Legend is Born!
    Fritz and Bill realized that the basic design lent itself to many variations, so they decided to do a book, Footman Ripoffs, the World's First Self-Destructing Cartoon Book!    
    Fritz and Bill did the original pencils for the poster.  Fritz did the original pencils for the book and Ed Newton did the finished art. 
    The book has hilarious parodies on celebrities and other notable characters.   One of the most humerous books that I have read.  This book is great for those of you who are intellectuals, and those of you with a warped sence of humor.

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